Play safe over the summer

Reservoirs/ Lakes/ Rivers/ Canals and other open waters

As the weather gets warmer and we all go outside more, on a hot sunny day you may be tempted to go for a swim in open water, but you are putting yourself at risk of drowning by swimming in rivers, lakes, canals or reservoirs.

The water may look safe but it can be dangerous even for a strong swimmer for the following reasons:

  • very cold temperatures
  • hidden currents
  • it is difficult to estimate depth
  • there may be hidden rubbish like shopping trolleys or glass
  • it can be difficult to get out due to steep banks
  • there are no lifeguards
  • water pollution can make you ill.

Abandoned buildings and building sites

You may be tempted to explore derelict buildings, but these places are full of danger and you could seriously harm yourself. Derelict and abandoned buildings are often unsafe with rotten timbers and floors that can’t support weight and can contain large holes that drop down through floors. They can also contain rusty objects and broken glass, as well as being home to vermin.

Building sites are working areas and are extremely hazardous. They can contain dangerous machinery as well as toxic waste, and chemicals.

It is illegal to enter these properties so you may be breaking the law by entering them.



Railway lines

Don't be tempted to cross the tracks to take a short cut, as this can result in serious life changing injuries. Not only is it illegal to trespass on railway lines but its also very dangerous. Trains travel at great speed and cannot stop quickly.

We want you to have a safe summer so please think about how you can keep yourself safe:

  • Don't climb on barriers and fences as they are there to protect you from serious injury and accidents, and obey “Danger” signs.
  • Only swim in designated swimming pools where there is a life guard on duty.
  • Be aware that you can be distracted when out and about by music, phones, gadgets etc. and therefore you won't be able to hear traffic.
  • Only use appropriate crossings such as bridges or level crossings to cross railway lines.

Take a look at the Child Friendly Leeds website for events and things to do over the holidays.


Have a safe and happy summer!

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