LSCP Learning and Development Charging Policy

This document outlines the LSCP Learning and Development Charging Policy as agreed by the LSCB (now LSCP) in January 2018, and includes any subsequently agreed amendments. The policy is in relation to charging for attendance and non-attendance at Learning & Development events delivered by the LSCP.

An amendment has been made to include charging for non-completion of online knowledge checks as agreed at the Leeds Children and Young People Partnership meeting on 8th September 2021.


The LSCP delivers a large number of learning and development events each year including, training, briefings, masterclasses, symposiums, conferences and Learning Lessons events. 

The Training Programme is delivered by partner agencies providing trainers ‘in-kind’ in return for free training places. 

This policy offers clarity on how and when the charges will be implemented for all partner and non-partner agencies accessing LSCP Training and other learning and development events.

Charging for training

LSCP partner agency , or Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of less than £250k (voluntary, community, faith) will be exempt from charges to attend learning events.  With the following exceptions: 

  • Charges will apply for non-attendance on confirmed bookings
  • Charges will apply for the non-completion of knowledge checks. 
    (Please see relevant section of this policy)
  • Charges will apply for all delegates for the Training for Trainers course.

There is a charge for all private organisation for attendance and non-attendance to training.

Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of more than £250k will be charged for attending learning events.

Charge rates:

£35 for half day sessions (up to 4 hours in length)
£50 for full day sessions (over 4 hours in length)
£150 for Training for Trainers full day with in-house Introduction Training Package (which will be emailed upon completion of the full-day training)

There will be no charges for Briefing sessions (non-attendance charges will still apply as detailed below).

There will be no charge for Domestic Violence and Abuse training for agencies who have or are working towards the Leeds Domestic Violence Quality Mark (non-attendance charges will still apply as detailed below). Charges will apply for all other courses unless exempt as detailed above.

Partner agencies provide ‘in-kind’ support for the training programme through delivering sessions based on an annual training quota. If a partner agency is unable to meet their agreed annual quota this will be taken up with the agency’s Training Lead and may result in a charge.

Charges for other Learning Events

Conferences and other learning events may incur a charge. Such events will be advertised with the charges attached. Details of any discounts for partner agencies or other agencies will be detailed on the promotional material. 

Non-completion of LSCP knowledge checks

(for YouTube based training sessions and Working Together to Safeguard Children & Young People)

All delegates who register for training which includes an LSCP online knowledge check must successfully complete the knowledge check within 3 calendar months of being sent the email which includes links to the course material.  If the online knowledge check is NOT completed successfully within 3 months you will be charged £50, irrespective of which agency you are from.

This flat fee of £50 is to cover the training material and administrative costs involved with providing the session and is in line with other cancellation charges. 

Late arrival / early departure

Start times for courses and events vary, delegates will be informed of the start and finish time in their confirmation emails. If delivered online, participants must be ready on the stated platform for live sessions at the time stated on the booking information. For face-to-face sessions participants should arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the start time to be sat and ready to start at the stated time.

Due to the nature and content of LSCP sessions delegates are required to arrive on time and stay for the full duration of the session. Access to live online sessions will be closed 5 minutes after the stated session start time, access after this time will not be permitted, and non-attendees will be charged. If delegates are more than 20 minutes late for the start of a face-to-face session (which will be detailed on their confirmation email), they will not be permitted access to the session and will be charged for non-attendance. 

If a delegate does not attend for the full duration, they may not be issued with a certificate. If a delegate knows in advance that this may be an issue for them they should contact a member of the LSCP Training Section (0113 378 6018) 2 full working days* prior of the session taking place to discuss and arrange attendance on an alternative date. The LSCP Training Section and the trainers have the right to refuse a place to a participant if they will miss a significant section of the session. 

If a participant is held up on the way to a course it would be appreciated if they could contact the LSCP Training Section (0113 378 6018) to inform them, who will in turn advise on attendance and inform the trainers. Delegates may still be refused entry to the training if they have missed a significant section as stated above. 

Signing in

For online sessions, trainers will take a register using the names displaying in the meeting room, therefore delegates need to ensure they sign in with their own name. For any face-to-face sessions, delegates will be required to sign in with their signature on the register on the day of the session as proof of attendance. Failure to sign in could result in a participant not being issued a certificate and a charge being made to their agency. If someone is sent in replacement, they must sign in against the name of the person they are replacing (if the register has not been updated) and make a clear note that they are a replacement on the register. It is not possible to send replacements for all live online sessions. Please speak to a member of the LSCP Training Section if you are wanting to arrange a replacement. Any replacements will need to be registered with the LSCP prior to the event for them to gain access to the session. Links to live sessions must not be passed on to other colleagues

Delegates must also complete any pre-learning prior to the session and submit and pass the necessary knowledge check where relevant. Failure to do so will result in removal from the live session. Delegates in this instance will be moved to a future date once the knowledge check is successfully completed.

If a participant’s name does not appear on the sheet, the trainer has the right to request that the person does not stay for the course, or that the participant shows proof of their place (confirmation email). If they are permitted by the trainer to stay, and are not on the register, payment details (or proof that they are a member of staff from a partner agency) will be collected by the trainer at the event. Failure to provide this information will prevent them from being able to access the session on that day.


All participants on LSCP courses will receive a Certificate of Attendance or a Certificate of Completion (for some non-live online sessions), however the trainer reserves the right not to give certificates to people who do not attend for a full day or are deemed not to have fully participated in the session.

Certificates are not provided for Briefing sessions.

Non-attendance at the LSCP learning and development events

All delegates who fail to inform the LSCP of non-attendance at training or events, in accordance with the process below, will be charged irrespective of any exemption from charges.

This fee is to cover the administrative costs involved with providing the session. 
Delegates will be expected to inform the LSCP 2 full working days* prior of a session taking place via email to if they are no longer able to attend a session that they have booked onto. Other forms of contact will not be accepted.

The place will then be offered to someone on the waiting list for that session.

If the delegate is not able to inform the LSCP 2 full working days* prior to the session taking place, their manager may find another appropriate** colleague from within their agency to take their place and inform the LSCP of this replacement as soon as possible. Please note, replacements may not always be possible for live online sessions.

If a replacement delegate is not provided and the notice period is less than 2 full working days* the non-attendance fee will be charged.

Charging for non-attendance or late notice cancellation will be a flat fee of £50 for all training sessions. Light Bites/Briefings will be charged at £25 per session and up to a maximum of £50 per day. 

Non-attendance at conferences and other charged for events will require payment of the full event fee. 

All delegates will be asked to provide invoice details at the point of applying for a session. These invoices will be sent out within 6 weeks of the event taking place.
Please note that if a service is in ‘exception’ which prevents delegates from attending they will not be charged for non-attendance.  The LSCP must still be informed within one full working day*.

*LSCP working days are Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00 (excluding Bank Holidays).

**An appropriate replacement would be someone with the correct level of prior training required. For example: someone who has already attended in-house introductory level training prior to accessing LSCP Working Together or specialist courses.

Delegates will also be classed as ‘non-attending’ if they do not complete their allocated pre-learning prior to the delivery date. This would include undertaking the stated pre-learning for the specific course and completing the Knowledge check with the required pass score. If delegates have not done this 2 working days prior to the commencement of the live online session they will be removed from the course and charged for the place that they have used, as they will have prevented any other delegates from being able to book this place. 


The LSCP reserves the right for any individual / agency who does not pay relevant charges, as outlined, to be restricted from booking onto future sessions until payment is received by the LSCP. 

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