General Awareness of Modern Slavery

This session covers the Modern Slavery Act, types of modern slavery, vulnerabilities and control methods used by traffickers as well as a brief overview of the National Referral Mechanism which offers support to any potential victim identified.

Delivered by Amy Morris, West Yorkshire Police, Modern Slavery Training and Partnerships Officer and Gerry Shevlin Programme Manager – Safeguarding & Domestic Violence Team, Safer Leeds.


Participants must have completed Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People (or another introductory level safeguarding course relevant to their role) before they can access this training. Please check Which training is right for me? for more guidance


There is currently no charge for access to this briefing.

Delivery method

This briefing is accessed by watching a YouTube video which can be requested by completing the form below.

To gain access to this session please complete the booking form.

First Responder Training If you are from an organisation authorised to refer potential victims of modern slavery into the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) you may undertake First Responder training. The role of the First Responder is to identify and refer potential victims of modern slavery into support, where appropriate. Doing so will often be challenging and you may have to deal with complex situations. This programme provides guidance on how to spot the signs of modern slavery, and what to do when you come across a potential victim of modern slavery. This programme aims to give you confidence to follow procedures swiftly and with compassion. The course takes around 45 minutes to complete.

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