Managing Allegations Against Professionals Who Work With Children


This briefing will provide an overview of managing allegations against professionals who work with children. The session, delivered by the Local Authority Designated Officers (LADOs) will provide a guide to the referral criteria where there are concerns about professionals. They will explain the role of the LADO and the process undertaken following a referral. The session will also identify the responsibilities of agencies in identifying and responding to these concerns and allegations.

The session aims to develop knowledge and confidence in those who may need to deal with allegations about staff that they employ or manage in their organisations. This briefing is therefore particularly relevant to managers, senior leaders and those in a safeguarding lead role. 
This one-hour briefing will be delivered by the Local Authority Designated Officers (LADOs).


Participants must have completed Introduction to Safeguarding Children and Young People (or their in-house equivalent) before they can access this training. 

Date available:

  • Thursday 10 October 2024, 10:00 - 11:30


The briefing is free to access for all delegates however, all delegates from any agency will be charged £25 for non-attendance at live sessions. We will therefore require billing details from all delegates registering for the course.

For further information see our Charging Policy.

Delivery method

Virtual events will be delivered live on MS Teams. Delegates will be asked to mute microphones on entry but will be invited to unmute to ask questions or contribute to discussions. Delegates will also be encouraged to use the chat function to ask questions and they may choose whether they have their cameras on or off throughout the session.

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