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Training FAQs

Why types of learning opportunities are on offer?

LSCP offer a wide range of learning opportunities across the whole website. Please take some time to explore the Safeguarding Topic pages which will often include further learning opportunities within them. LSCP training and briefing sessions are mainly delivered online via Zoom, MS Teams and YouTube in the following ways– 

  • Pre-recorded YouTube based training 
  • Pre-recorded YouTube based briefings
  • Live Online Zoom /MS Teams based training
  • Live Online Zoom/MS Teams based briefings

When you click on a topic from the training pages it will detail how that particular session is accessed. 

Does the LSCP provide in-house training?

We don’t deliver in-house training or bespoke sessions, however for any courses that are proving popular we will aim to offer additional dates, keep checking our website for further details.

Do you provide Level 3 Training?

The LSCP Working Together to Safeguard Children and Young People course is equivalent to NHS Level 3 training. This course is for any member of staff who is considered to be a lead professional for safeguarding or may be involved in multi-agency approaches to safeguarding children and young people in their organisation. 

I completed the Working Together training three years ago should I repeat it?

We recommend that practitioners update their safeguarding every three years as a minimum. It would not be necessary to repeat the same course. We would encourage you to look at other courses available, such as topic specific courses. The Safeguarding Children and Young People Refresher training can also be used as a course to update yourself on any changes from the last three years. The Refresher course is constantly updated to it would be fine to repeat this three-yearly.  

How can I find out the dates of LSCP training?

All LSCP training dates can be found on our website. We regularly update the course information and any training courses that are fully booked will not be available to book onto. 

If I work outside of the Leeds area can I attend the LSCP Training?

If you work with children/ young people within the Leeds Metropolitan district you can attend the LSCP Training. To confirm you are within the Leeds district and can attend training you can view the Leeds Metropolitan map.

Please be aware that if you work with children in other Local Authorities you may also need to attend their training too.

Do you hold waiting lists for courses?

Waiting lists are generally not held for all courses however where applicable, people will be contacted if a place becomes available. Unfortunately, due to high numbers waiting lists cannot be automatically carried forward to the next course, and if they have been unsuccessful people are encouraged to reapply for a different date

What should I do if I have additional learning requirements?

Should you have any additional requirements which would make your learning and participation on a course better please inform us of this on your application. We will make every effort to meet these needs, and if this is not possible, we will contact you to discuss.

Can you send me information on a specific topic?

We aim to keep our website up to date so please always check our website for information and links on different safeguarding topics. Most information that we hold will already be available on our website. 

How to apply for a course

Practitioners who work with children, young people and / or families, parents or carers can apply for LSCP training courses via the LSCP Online Booking Form.

Why does the booking form ask for my billing details?

Should you have any additional requirements which would make your learning and participation on a course better please inform us of this on your application. We will make every effort to meet these needs, and if this is not possible, we will contact you to discuss. These details are requested for all agencies due to the following:

  • charges may apply for attendance for some agencies e.g. private organisations and Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of more than £250k
  • charges will apply for non-attendance on confirmed bookings for all training for all agencies, and 
  • charges will apply for non-completion of knowledge checks within 3 months.

Please refer to the Charging Policy for full details.

How will I know if I have a place on a training course I have applied for?

When you have submitted your application form, you will receive an automated email confirming acknowledgement of your application. If you have not received an automated email, this means your application was not submitted successfully. Please pencil this date into your calendar and keep it free until you receive confirmation of your booking.

On receipt of an application, an individual will be allocated a place, if one is available. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. 

Confirmation of training places will be sent out to all participants by email approximately two weeks before the course is due to run. If your application is unsuccessful you will not be notified. (Please do not attend unless you have received confirmation of your place).

If you are applying for sessions with self-directed learning you will receive an email within 5 working days with links to the training and instructions on how to complete the session.

Will there be any course materials?

All participants will be sent the course materials (pre-reading and participant pack) by email with their confirmation if applicable to the course booked on. It is the responsibility of participants to have this available for the training session. Please ensure you take time to complete any pre-learning prior to the event to ensure that you can fully participate.

Some course material is sent by email after the training session is completed as it is not required during the session.

How many people from my organisation can book onto the same date?

We usually allow up to 5 people from the same organisation onto a session to ensure our courses remain multi-agency.

Where is LSCP training held?

Most live courses are held online on Zoom, some briefings and courses are delivered on MS Teams and Zoom. The Refresher, Introduction training and other briefings are currently delivered via YouTube. This is subject to change so please check the individual course webpages for full details.

How do I change my booking, if I applied for the wrong date?

The date of the course you applied for can be amended by emailing, with the information of the course and date you originally applied for and the date of the course you wish to change to. Please note this must be done two working days prior of a session taking place to avoid incurring a non-attendance charge. 

How do I cancel my booking, if I am no longer able to attend the session I applied for?

If you need to cancel a place you have applied for you must cancel by emailing two working days prior of a session taking place to avoid incurring a non-attendance charge. Other forms of contact will not be accepted.

Please note that failure to attend without prior notification will result in your organisation being invoiced £50 to cover administrative costs. 

Your team can send an appropriate replacement (this would be someone with the correct level of prior training required. For example: someone who has already attended Introductory level training prior to accessing LSCP Working Together or topic-specific courses). You will need to notify us of this via email.
Please note that all non-attendance will be charged irrespective of circumstance. Please see the Charging Policy.

What if I am unable to complete the LSCP online knowledge check?

All participants who register for training which includes an LSCP online knowledge check must successfully complete the knowledge check within 3 calendar months of being sent the email which includes links to the course material.  If the online knowledge check is NOT completed successfully within 3 months you will be charged, irrespective of which agency you are from. 

A flat-fee of £50 is to cover the training material and administrative costs involved with providing the session and is in line with other cancellation charges.  
Please refer to the Charging Policy for full details. 

What if I arrive late or have to leave early?

We understand that unavoidable circumstances may mean that a participant is late for a course or needs to leave early. If you know in advance that this may be an issue for you please contact a member of the LSCP Training Section (0113 3786018) to discuss. 

Online sessions will be closed to late arrivals 5 minutes after the start time and delegates will not be able to access the session if they attempt to arrive after this time. They will be classed as non-attenders and their agency will be charged in accordance with the LSCP Charging Policy. To avoid this happening please ensure you access the session early and prior to the start time. 

The LSCP Training Section and the trainers reserve the right to refuse admittance to a participant if they will miss a significant section of the session and will not issue a course certificate (if applicable). 

How do I sign-in to the training?

Only participants named on the register will be admitted to the training.  
Participants must log in to sessions with their full name that they used when booking the session. If a participant’s name does not appear on the register the trainer has the right to request that the person does not stay for the course, or that the participant shows proof of their place (confirmation email).

Failure to log in with your booking name may result in a participant not being admitted to the session and being charged for non-attendance. 

Can I have a copy of the slides?

We do not share the slides from training sessions as we take all the information that you need to know and add it, plus more, into the delegates packs. 

If slides for briefing sessions are provided, they are sent after the session to those delegates who attended. They will only be sent in PDF not PowerPoint format as they are copyrighted to us or the facilitator. You are not permitted to copy or use LSCP slides. 

Will I receive a Certificates upon completion of the training?

Participants on LSCP courses (this does not include LSCP Briefings) will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of a course Evaluation form, however the trainer reserves the right not to give certificates to people who do not attend for a full day or are deemed not to have fully participated in the session.

Will the training be evaluated?

Participants will be given an opportunity to evaluate a course at the end of a session. This information will be used to inform future training, including updating materials and changing course content. In addition, participants may be sent a Post Evaluation form via email sometime after completing the training to enable you and us to gauge learning impact. This should be completed with your line manager within supervision.

Is there a charge for LSCP training?

LSCP partner agency, or Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of less than £250k (voluntary, community, faith) will be exempt from charges to attend learning events.  With the following exceptions: 

  • Charges will apply for non-attendance on confirmed bookings
  • Charges will apply for the non-completion of knowledge checks. 

Private organisations and Third Sector / not-for-profit agencies who have an annual turnover of more than £250k will be charged for attending learning events.

Charge rates:
£35 for half day sessions (up to 4 hours in length)

£50 for full day sessions (over 4 hours in length)

£150 for Training for Trainers full day with in-house Introduction Training Package (which will be emailed upon completion of the full-day training)

There will be no charges for Briefing sessions (non-attendance charges will still apply as detailed below).

There will be no charge for Domestic Violence and Abuse training for agencies who have or are working towards the Leeds Domestic Violence Quality Mark (non-attendance charges will still apply as detailed below). Charges will apply for all other courses unless exempt as detailed above.

Please refer to the LSCP Charging Policy for full details

My Agency has the Domestic Violence Quality Mark. Will I be charged for LSCP training?

Agencies with the Domestic Violence Quality Mark will not be charged for attending Domestic Violence and Abuse training.  Charges will apply for all other courses unless exempt as per the Charging Policy.

How can I contact the LSCP?

You can contact LSCP by emailing or speak to a member of the LSCP Training Section on 0113 3786018.

What are LSCP’s working days?

LSCP working days are Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) 0900 – 1700 hours.

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